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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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“Maybe you should request your kid.” Si Yehan’s gaze landed in the youngster sitting between Yin Yuerong and Ye Wanwan.
Yin Yuerong even personally prepared for Tangtang, and she, who never handled meats, basically made mostly meat foods this evening.
Ye Wanwan tauntingly questioned, “Is the fact confusing? Didn’t you fall in love with me initially sight because I became also way too cute?”
Of course, Yin Yuerong got depicted her loathing and dislike toward Tangtang ahead of him multiple times and also spat out vicious words during the Arbitration Council’s hall on that day.
“It ought to be because my son is just too big lovable!”
Si Yehan didn’t say anything at all and directly consumed the section of seafood Tangtang offered to him, moderate big surprise developing on his deal with.
Si Yehan reported, “…That’s not exactly the same.”
“What’s going on with the mom…? I’m flabbergasted…” Ye Wanwan anxiously touch the word of advice of her chopsticks.
“9th Sibling, don’t. Do you actually trust Auntie Rong…?” Lin Que nervously grumbled.
Si Yehan turned to her. “What is it?”
Letters of the Motor Girl
“Ninth Buddy, don’t. Do you actually rely on Auntie Rong…?” Lin Que nervously grumbled.
Gun-ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem o Tsukucchaimashita!?
Naturally, Yin Yuerong acquired stated her loathing and dislike toward Tangtang facing him several times and in some cases spat out vicious ideas on the Arbitration Council’s hallway that day.
“Isn’t this too scrumptious?! Auntie Rong’s truly this capable of cooking food???”
Yin Yuerong was startled lightly but her phrase quickly given back to normalcy.
Nonetheless, this only placed on her interaction with Tangtang. When it stumbled on men and women apart from Tangtang, she was still that exact same Yin Yuerong. Otherwise, he would imagine the girl when in front of him was an impostor.
Si Yehan didn’t say nearly anything and directly ate the little bit of sea food Tangtang offered to him, minor amaze developing on his encounter.
Finally, the whole of the family table begun eating completely and all sorts of the dishes had been wiped clear with Lin Que eating one of the most.
Si Yehan’s view have been similar to the deeply ocean several thousand legs below seas point, concealed currents swirling on the inside.
“D*mn! You guys are too gutsy! In any case, I won’t feed on it! I wouldn’t take in it even when you threatened to get rid of me!” Lin Que frightfully shook his top of your head.
Additionally, Yin Yuerong was clearly in the brink of any blast previously, but she actually allowed them over for lunch merely because of phrase from Tangtang.
Nevertheless, just after personally witnessing it for their own end, the reality was entirely different from their targets.
As Ye Wanwan ate, she saved casting questioning glances at Si Yehan, and Si Yehan could only helplessly point out that he’d never came across a predicament this way one particular.
Si Yehan didn’t say anything at all and directly ate the component of seafood Tangtang accessible to him, moderate shock appearing on his encounter.
Si Yehan was calm for some time while before ultimately nodding. “Millimeters.”
Considering that Si Yehan was taking in very, Yu Shao acquired no option but to also taste a article.
The Shadow of Ashlydyat
So delectable!
“…” Si Yehan’s term was indescribable. Regardless of how precious one thing was, it shouldn’t impact Yin Yuerong.

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